About Cosmic Misfit Studio

Drew Van Camp is the sole artist and operator of Cosmic Misfit Studio. He himself is a self-proclaimed cosmic misfit, a science fiction artist often tagged as many things ranging from robotic computer nerd to alien circus clown. Perhaps these categories are true from time to time, but the full picture is far more interesting.
Cosmic Misfit Studio pulls together three major creative branches:  video game development, electronic music production, and creative video. The studio launched into outer space in 2015 and currently holds a geostationary orbit over Lexington KY. Rumors suggest that it was in secret development deep underground since the late 1980’s. Other’s believe it is originally from somewhere in outer space. No one can really be sure.
It is Drew’s hope that exciting science fiction worlds will reach people from all walks of life all over the planet. Numerous digital tools combine with a great deal of focus and imagination to pour forth virtual worlds, sonic landscapes, and inspiring visuals.

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