CYS Cybermech Concepts

The very first robotic soldier for my game jam entry, Choose Your Side, was drawn up within a literal five minutes. It wasn’t meant to be deeply thought out, just a clearly robotic soldier. Mission accomplished. But now that I have much more than 48 hours to work with on this game, I’m revisiting the visual design of everything. I’m departing from the square pixel art style, which is handy for prototypes and challenging my skills at minimalism, and instead looking for something with a little more Cosmic Misfit personality. CYS Cybermech Concepts Here are a couple evolutionary steps away from the original pixel design.  With the original and new ideas side by side, you can see how closely they map to one another while maintaining distinct moods. First is the original design using only squares. Second is those same squares broken up into a pattern of strictly right triangles, allowing a little more smoothness and detail. Third is not only the same 16×16 grid of squares cut up into diagonal quarters, it’s obviously an exploration of much greater detail. Which design is your favorite?

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