CYS New Cursor System Prototype

I’ve been rethinking how the player interacts with the game. This has led me to a new cursor concept. I have been prototyping this new idea and here’s a peek at the latest version of the cursor system. Note that this only exists outside the context of the game so far, but it should give you a basic idea of where I’m heading. CYS New Cursor System Prototype Since we’re missing context, let me explain just a little bit. One part of this cursor indicates what object you are controlling, in this case the cyber soldier. When you see the circle squeeze in, that is the weapon firing mechanism being triggered. When you see the triangular shape point in a left or right direction outside the circle, that is the player requesting to move the soldier in that direction. When you see the player point up, this is either because the weapon is firing up or the player is pointing upward, wishing to move the cursor to an object above the current position. Downward, so far, has only been planned for pointing toward an object, like a cyber soldier, to indicate an object the player wishes to interact with. If that all doesn’t make perfect sense, just stay tuned for more thorough demonstrations. But here’s one more really cool one. CYS New Cursor System Prototype 1 This is one of the biggest changes to the cursor concept. Rather than simply a shape overlaid onto the player’s screen, this cursor is actually part of the world just like the soldiers. When you jump into wheel mode, you can crawl across the battlefield in either direction to grab ahold of a new combat unit. Later I will demonstrate vertical movement, but I’ll leave that to your imagination for now. This is just a quick peek at the progress I’m making as I expand and improve CYS (which still needs a new name).

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