Game Jam Weekend

Happy Friday, everybody! I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me with the 33rd Ludum Dare game jam. This is a world wide event where game developers spend 48-72 hours making video games from scratch. The main purpose of this event is to accelerate creativity and experience by throwing game makers into a frenzy of productivity. For some it’s just a fun activity, but for others like me these kind of activities help move game developers forward by hitting a figurative reset button on our brains and souls.

Ludum Dare 33 Keynote

Meet RunJumpDev

This weekend, I’m temporarily moving my creative studio to a shared office space with members of RunJumpDev, a game developer network here in Lexington, KY. This video is a couple years old, but it’s still a good glimpse into the video game industry and how people like me are blazing a trail toward success. Some people might work solo this weekend while others team up. If I join a team, I will be offering my services mainly as music composer and sound effect designer. If I find myself running solo, I’ll just make a game all by myself. Follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for pictures and updates.

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