Cyberbotany Music Video

Imagine yourself strolling peacefully through a robotic garden. Plant life surrounds you with sound and color unlike anything you’ve seen before. It feels like you’re on an alien world. And beware the cybercaretaker, as he doesn’t take too kindly to visitors. Best not to get caught admiring the cybernetic greenhouse. And whatever you do, don’t touch anything!
This video was created for a specific piece of music made the day prior.  In the song, I experimented with slightly realistic, smooth sounding instrumentation alongside harsh synths.  For the visual concept, I stuck to the fusion of harsh synthetic shapes mixed with smoothly growing organic circuitry.  I kept the overall composition very simple and linear as I wanted to keep this project brief and I felt I achieved the general style I was after. Please tell me what you think!

Here’s the music all by itself:

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