The end of DLV Games

It is difficult to put today’s announcement into words, but I will try. Please follow me through to the end of this short message and I promise to keep things brief, to the point, and worthwhile. Be sure to watch the accompanying video at the end.

The end of DLV Games

An unforgettable year of games

This past year that I spent making games has truly been great. I do not regret a single moment of the time and hard work I have invested. Several projects have gone very well, in fact. Though most of them are simple prototypes, each one could become a full fledged game worthy of my time.

One of those games was born from my first game jam event, a great experience in itself, and at the end of last year I set out to turn that same game into my very first completed game. But completed it is not. DLV Games has not seen the success I had hoped to achieve by now. And let it go on record that this lack of success does not drive today’s decision by any means.

I do not consider this a terrible failure but things were never meant to go on as they are forever. DLV Games was a good idea at the time, and I will stand by that always, because I wanted to take these new projects seriously and I needed a suitable banner under which I could eventually publish. But, alas, this was not meant to be.

The end of DLV Games 1

DLV Games has come to an end

Yes, you read it: the reign of DLV Games is over. Games aren’t everything, fortunately. I’ve always known that. And I think that moving on gives me the chance to consider new opportunities and to no longer limit myself to such a simple, one-dimensional childhood dream.

So it is time to leave DLV Games behind in order to get on with life and pursue perhaps greater things. With all this in mind, I made a brief video and I would like to share it with you now. Join with me as I bid farewell to DLV Games…and turn to face the future.

Farewell to the past, hello to the future!

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